In 2018, it’s never been easier to engage with your customers. But in some ways, it’s also never been harder. You may be wondering how this could even be possible—but it’s the truth. You see, the digital age has given companies more ways to reach their clients than ever before. But the downside? There’s more competition now than there has ever been.

Additionally, there’s already so many companies making names for themselves on social media that it’s hard to stand out and get customers to see and hear you amongst all the white noise. For instance, why should they look at your social media accounts or website when they already follow so many others?

How Facebook Keeps Customers Engaged

According to Sprout Social, there are 20,000 users on Facebook every single second. Chances are, you’ll never get a chance to reach this many potential customers in one place in at any other time. Also according to Sprout Social, 49 percent of consumers “Like” a Facebook page to show support for a company. So more than likely, customers are looking for a way to interact with you if they already “Like” your page.

Fortunately for businesses, Facebook continues to develop more and more ways for company owners, bloggers, marketers, etc. to engage with their customers via social media. Plus, Facebook is one of the easier platforms to use for sharing your promotional strategies and boost customer engagement.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the top 15 Facebook apps that help you to boost customer engagement. Give them a try and see what works for you!

15 Facebook Apps to Boost Your Promotional Strategies

From apps that help you to monitor your social media activity, to apps that help you create virtual content—these 15 Facebook apps have something that every Facebook for business page can benefit from.

  1. Agora Pulse: Agora Pulse acts as a dashboard to provide you with an overall view of your Facebook page and the specifics of the activity it attracts. You can also schedule Facebook posts, organize photo contents, Facebook fan votes, and offer coupon giveaways.
  2. ShortStack: ShortStack helps you to put together promotional campaigns quickly and effectively. However, sometimes you just need the help of an expert, like Mpell Promotions.
  3. SnapApp: Engaged customers are happy customers, and more and more social media users are becoming engaged through interactive content such as videos and infographics. SnapApp helps customers to create fun interactive content that social media users will love.
  4. GroSocial: GroSocial helps users to create and manage Facebook content, all in one place. GroSocial also helps users to create striking Facebook content that gains top-notch attention.
  5. Facebook Page Barometer: Facebook Page Barometer helps users to compare their Facebook page with competitor pages. Metrics such as customer engagement, customer reach, feedback, and virality are all compared.
  6. AgoraPulse Contest: AgoraPulse Contest lets users develop sweepstakes, quizzes, and photo contests as promotional strategies.
  7. Conversation Score: Conversation Score lets users track their competitors by checking out their competitor’s Facebook page performance and customer engagement levels, without them knowing about it.
  8. FanPage Karma: FanPage Karma highlights page metrics such as fan engagement, tagging, and more.
  9. Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics: Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics is essentially a search engine for Facebook pages, which helps you to dig up information on your company name or your competitors.
  10. Fan of the Week: Fan of the Week connects YouTube and Instagram accounts to your Facebook page, to keep fans across all networks engaged.
  11. Pagemodo: Pagemodo makes promotional strategies even more fun. This app offers features such as cover image creation, contest development, and the creation of visual posts.
  12. Qwaya: Qwaya is an app that gives you the ability to split target your Facebook ads, allowing you to personalize ads based on your target audience.
  13. BT:Connect: BT:Connect lets you create giveaways, photo contents, polls, and discounts.
  14. Postplanner: Postplanner helps you to find posts that are more likely to go viral.
  15. Likealyzer: The Likealyzer app helps you to analyze and monitor your own Facebook page or your competitor’s pages, so you know where your competition stands.

Whether you decide to give these Facebook apps a try or you’d prefer receiving hands-on assistance from an expert—Mpell Promotions can help you to develop incentives, loyalty programs, and promotional strategies that get results. Contact us today!


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