As we make our way through Q1 of 2017, digital rewards should be at the top of your list. Why? Because gift card solutions aren’t just physical gift cards anymore, they’re taking over the Internet! According to a 2016 Convenience Store News study, consumers between the ages of 18 and 25 are 90 percent more likely to use digital rewards than people in this age  group were just 5 years ago. Additionally, 66 percent of shoppers between the ages of 18 and 25 would rather have a gift card scanned from their phone rather than a printout from their email.

As you can see, consumers are welcoming digital rewards with opened arms, especially as Millennials make their way into the buying force. As more and more Millennials graduate college and make their way into the purchasing world, they will continue to lead the way and influence promotional marketing trends for years to come.

Below, we’ll discuss five reasons why electronic gift card promotions should move to the top of your 2017 promotional marketing strategies.

1: Increase Online Purchases

Take a moment to think of all the different online platforms you use on a daily basis. For instance, many of today’s consumers use a smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, and tablet to access the Internet, whether for work, music, entertainment, shopping, news, or reading. Digital gift card solutions can help to increase online sales, encouraging consumers to head online to make a purchase. Plus, clients will be more likely to promote their digital purchase via social media.

2: Engage In-Store Shoppers

Customer engagement is huge today, and it’s important for companies to find ways to keep consumers engaged both online and offline. For instance, customers can encourage in-store shoppers to make purchases online, and vice versa. To achieve this goal, offer in-store shoppers a way to redeem electronic gift cards or promotional codes online, just for making a purchase in-store.

3: Consumer Retention

Not only do electronic gift card promotions help to boost customer retention, but they also encourage customer engagement and feedback as well. No company can succeed without engaging with their customers, and engaging with customers involves finding out what they want and don’t want in a product or service. After a shopper redeems an electronic reward, give them the opportunity to share a message about their experience or what they would like to see done differently.

4: Call-to-Action

Whether your digital rewards include a product giveaway, sweepstakes competition, online poll or contest, or electronic gift card solution, digital rewards ask consumers to complete a simple call-to-action. In the process, you’re able to gather important consumer information about your customers, which is helpful when developing personalized incentives and loyalty programs. Additionally, call-to-actions can ask customers to share their activity via social media, helping to provide your company with free publicity.

5: Employee Loyalty

Digital rewards are easy to customize, which make them a great way to reward loyal employees. Whether you offer digital rewards in the form of free music, movies, or eBooks, or a free product or service, you’ll be taking a huge step in keeping your loyal employees happy and feeling valued. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large Fortune 500 company, digital rewards are an excellent way to boost employee loyalty since the options are so versatile.

At Mpell Promotions, we offer gift card promotions in a variety of brands and denominations. For instance, we offer exciting gift cards for brands such as GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, and even more. But if you’re not quite sure that electronic gift cards are for all your employees, we also offer Visa gift cards, travel gift cards, shopping gift cards, and more. We have something for everyone to enjoy! In addition to offering Visa gift cards, we also offer gift cards for top brands such as Discover, American Express, and MasterCard.

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