We all know there is a distinct difference when advertising to men or woman, and there is clear research to suggest that men and women have different wants and needs when it comes to shopping, and purchasing services. Advertising messages, product design and packaging, loyalty promotions, products and services, and media all appeal differently to men and women consumers. According to several experts, women tend to be savvier shoppers since they’re willing to put more time and energy into making the best possible purchase. However, women are also more likely to make impulse purchases, shop online much more frequently, and prioritize their purchases.

So, how can companies be sure that they’re targeting women consumers in the best possible way? Developing loyal programs and incentives that women want. Women want different things in a loyalty program than men do, so we’re here to give you all the necessary details to help you offer the best possible promotions and loyalty programs to your female clients.

Get to Know Your Female Consumers

First things first—let’s get to know our female consumers before we discuss building a rewards program for them. Studies show that women shoppers look for good deals more often than men. In fact, 75 percent of female consumers say that promotional gifts or incentives encourage them to try a company out for the first time. While men sometimes ignore prices, sales, and price comparisons, women take the time to compare costs and product information.

Additionally, women are driven by emotions—they care about the level of service they receive and the overall experience will often affect whether or not they will remain loyal to a company. On the other hand, they also want a variety of options to choose from when making a purchase, to ensure that they’ve made the right decision and considered all their options.

Now, here is where social media engagement comes in—women like feeling as if they are part of a real community. They enjoy the opportunity to connect with other consumers and build relationships. If companies do not have a social media presence, it will be more difficult for them to engage with their female audience.

Now that we know what female consumers want—let’s discuss the top 5 things that women look for in loyalty promotions.

5 Things Women Look for in Promotional Gifts

Whether it’s a loyalty program, promotional gift, or an incentive with purchase, women typically look for 5 things before deciding whether they should purchase your services. These 5 deciding factors include the following:

  1. Emotions
  2. Browsing
  3. Interdependent
  4. Decisions
  5. Discovery


First, women tend to look for emotion when considering a loyalty program because they want to feel committed and devoted to a trusted company. Companies can take advantage of this by sharing stories with their customers, helping them to get to know the business better. Specific landing pages, email marketing campaigns, and sharing stories on social media can help companies to express emotion.


While men prefer to get in and out of a store as soon as possible, women usually enjoy taking their time and browsing the store to find the best products. The same goes for loyalty promotions or an incentive program. Women would rather take the time to scope out various options to find the best deal, services, and products available. By offering your clients more than one option, you can help them to achieve this same feeling of browsing and choosing between numerous options.


Companies without a social media presence will lack in this category, which could harm the future of their loyalty program, especially as social media and the digital age continue to grow. Companies who share their message through social media platforms will help women to feel more connected with them.


Women want to feel that they made the right decision, which is why product reviews, customer reviews, and testimonials are so effective. Women consumers want to feel like their purchasing decisions are accepted and affirmed by others, and offering testimonials is a great way to do so.


Before making a decision to purchase an item, accept promotional gifts, or participate in an incentive program, women like to have a chance to discover and consider other options. They like to know what all their options are, how the options compare to one another, and they like to take the time to make the most well-informed decision.

Therefore, it’s so important that loyalty programs be available in several ways. Rather than only offering one type of program which can only be redeemed in one way, consider offering a program that lets clients redeem the reward in a variety of ways, including online, via smartphones, social media, and so on.

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