Customer Loyalty

One of the most unfortunate truths that business owners will realize during the course of their operations is that not all customers turn out to be loyal. Not all frequent customers, moreover, automatically turn out to be loyal clients. This is why every business can benefit from a well-planned customer loyalty program. This can come in the form of discounts, rebate promotion, and promotional gift card, and other incentive-based offers. If you want to secure more than just repeat customers, you need a marketing strategy that gives your business the advantage of loyal customers.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of a customer loyalty program:

1. Customer Attraction and Customer Retention

An excellent and value-focused reward program has the ability to drive traffic to your business, whether in the form of new customers or repeat customers. When you have valuable rewards in place for your customers, they will have more legitimate reasons to transact with you. Product and service quality is already a given, and no amount of promotions will do a great job of hiding an offering of substandard quality. With a customer loyalty strategy, you can convince your prospects to try your business and even keep existing customers from leaving.

2. Brand Advocacy

Advocates help in advertising your product through word-of-mouth marketing. These people are so impressed with your product that they are willing to promote your brand directly within their circles or share their positive reviews with the world. Not only do you need not pay these people for promoting your products, these advocates are among the most loyal customers your business can have. With a loyalty program, you can turn loyal customers into brand advocates and even win back customers who have defected to your competition.

3.    Pricing Advantages

With a customer loyalty program, you are creating loyal customers who trust your brand enough not to mind price increases or price changes. Also, when you have loyal customers who are satisfied with your current price range, you need not worry about adjusting product prices just to be able to attract new customers.

4.    Reduce Advertising Costs

Many struggling business overspend on their advertising expenses because they fail to target customers who are already interested in their product or service. With a customer reward program, however, you are targeting customers who are buying from you. Gift card promotions, for instance, can be used to reward loyal customers and to convert leads into actual customers.

5.    Direct Referrals

This benefit is somehow related to the advantage of brand advocacy, but not all brand advocates are going to refer someone to your business. One clear advantage of a well-placed loyalty program is direct referrals that come from an existing customer. With direct referrals, your business is able to secure additional sales without having to spend for promotions on these new customers.

From boosting sales to improving business image to retaining customers, the benefits of a well laid-out customer loyalty program are myriad. Mpell Promotions specializes in providing small-sized to established companies with affordable promotional products such as wholesale gift cards or bulk gif cards. Contact us today to see which promotional cards are best for your business and your customers.