Finding the right keywords for your next promotion are important. They could mean the difference between getting a high volume of traffic and letting your promotion get lost in the Internet abyss. You need to choose keywords that register with your target customer, increase your rank, and improve conversions — which is a lot to deal with. Unfortunately, there are literally dozens of ways to say the same thing and

Traffic on a website doesn’t mean much if that traffic doesn’t convert into a sale. As a website owner, it’s important to give the visitors of your site attention rather than worry about attracting more visitors to your site. After all it’s more cost-effective to convert visitors you have already than worry about attracting more that may or may not actually buy. Spark Some Emotion The reason people buy something

Gift card promotions are a great way to put your company in the spotlight. According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers were estimated to spend over $29 billion using their gift cards in 2013 and that number is expected to go up for 2014. So if you want to encourage spending at your own firm, create a promotion that offers customers gift cards. Email is one of the best ways

Consignment stores are very popular these days. With more consumers looking for the best deal while still grabbing a unique item, you can harness that consumer demand and succeed with your new consignment shop. Selling second-hand goods is a little different than selling something straight from the manufacturer. It requires clever marketing and excellent business skills from the start. Remember Your Store is a Business A lot of retailers fall

Search engines are constantly evolving to bring users’ high-quality, relevant results. To do that they need to weed through the websites that aren’t considered “high-quality.” Unfortunately, the term “quality” is rather subjective. Quality can, however, be measured in terms of a user’s experience. Today, search engines like Google are considering user experiences, and if your website isn’t performing, your search engine ranking won’t respond well. What Search Engines Want High-quality,

You know that SEO (search engine optimization) is important for your website and when it comes to optimization, one of the biggest things you’ll work on is keywords. The use of keywords is still crucial, but the ways you use them have changed. You can no longer stuff hundreds of keywords into a paragraph and call it “optimized.” Today you have to be a little more methodical and actually research

Many sales marketers are equipped with the tools and techniques needed to procure a sale, but only a select few are able to master the skill needed in saving one. After going through the details of a seemingly impressive sales pitch, it’s easy for anyone to lose control once a prospect begins to lose interest. However, there are many ways for you to save a sale and turn your prospect

It seems there are myths and misconceptions on just about every topic out there — and search engine optimization isn’t immune from this either. Every day there’s a new myth about SEO that pops up and once it’s there, it’s next to impossible to get rid of it. Most of these myths are debunked all over the Internet, but that doesn’t keep business websites from giving in to them. So,

SEO or search engine optimization is your website’s way of speaking to the search engines and how Internet users find your site. SEO isn’t very difficult, especially once you learn the fundamental strategies involved in optimizing your content. But, there is a right and a wrong way to get noticed. Using black-hat SEO tactics won’t get your site anywhere and could be detrimental to your brand. So, it’s imperative you

Many business-minded caffeine lovers have already ventured into the coffee shop business. And whether you choose to franchise a popular coffee shop brand or prefer to build your own enterprise from the ground up, the right promotional strategies can help you attract more customers and improve business visibility both online and offline. However, while there are many promotional items to choose from, from coffee mugs to wholesale gift cards and