The Internet, without a doubt, has opened up a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs in recent years, allowing small and established companies to reach a wider audience and penetrate new markets. It is now easier to introduce a new product or service via a business blog, email marketing, or through a monthly newsletter. But while these online and social media strategies offer better opportunities for customer acquisition, there’s still the

There are many reasons why you may need to advertise your brand or your product. Advertising allows you to reach new customers, introduce a new product, or announce a new promotional offer. Simply put, advertisement is valuable in engaging your market within a specific time period. But this marketing strategy requires more than just fancy images and promoting messages. In order to be truly effective, ads need to break the

Now that you have devised a new product that’s ripe for the market, your next step is to actually bring it there.  This is where promotions enter the picture. Effective promotional tactics are strategies that don’t only introduce your product to the market. These tactics also introduce your new products to the right people and, most preferably, at the most opportune time. There are many promotional tactics available, from distributing

The need to land as many qualified leads as possible is obvious; a qualified lead is someone who has expressed the intention to buy from you within a specific period of time. However, identifying a qualified lead is done not only by verifying whether the lead has expressed any intent to buy or otherwise, you also need to qualify your leads if you want the lead to respond positively to

While price is a significant factor that contributes to demand changes, there are many other non-price related factors that drive the demand curve to shift. A clear understanding of demand and which factors cause it to shift can help you create a promotional program that anticipates and addresses these demand changes effectively and at the most favorable time. Income of consumers A rise in income results in bigger purchasing power.

Customer defections are something any business will have to address with from time to time. Even the most successful brands will have to deal with fierce competition at some point. But experts say that if one or many of your customers leave you, then it’s entirely your fault. This contention boils down to one thing: you can always do something to maintain customer loyalty and, therefore, prevent customer defections. Designing

Did you know that your loyal customers make up only about 20 percent of your entire customer population, but contribute to as much as 50 percent of your total sales? This is how important it is for your business to keep the loyal customers coming. Imagine losing approximately half of your income just because these clients—even though they comprise less than a quarter of your customers– defected to your competition.

Successful marketing is not possible without the right promotional strategies. From gift card promotions to rebate promotions, these business tactics are helpful in engaging your customers, encouraging repeat transactions, and building up your brand. But did you know that some promotional strategies can actually end up devaluing your brand? Here are some promotional tactics that appear exciting at first glance but can be detrimental to your company. Poorly executed discount

Designing your next promotional strategy always requires some serious planning. From choosing the right promotional items to getting the best price, there are more than a few things you need to consider to guarantee the best marketing results. If you want to focus on running your business but want to ensure promotional success at the same time, working with a promotions company is your next best move. With more than

Promotions are one of the most important parts of the marketing mix, but not all company owners have the time or the expertise needed to carry out successful promotions. If you are one of these business owners, you will know how difficult it is to manage a promotional campaign, from designing the promotional products to distributing or delivering these items to the right people. With a reliable partner, however, seeing