The advent and steady popularity of the Web and online marketing has somehow relegated print advertising to the background. It’s no secret that most companies have turned to the Internet in promoting their business and acquiring new customers. Nonetheless, print advertising still carries a host of advantages despite these Web-centric times. When paired with an online marketing scheme or used to accompany a free gift as part of promotions, print

Not all customers are created equal. Nor do they have identical buying habits and buying preferences. While some customers transact with your business or purchase a particular product once or twice, others become customers for a lifetime. Yet, even lifetime customers are differentiated from one another, mainly through the amount of business they bring to the company. In order to determine how much each of your customers is worth to

Did you know that up to 40 percent of total revenues of many stable companies are the result of repeat business? This bit of information was shared by New York-based analytics company, SumAll, which also stressed the importance of repeat customers.  According to SumAll, businesses with 40 percent repeat customers have the power to generate 47 percent more revenue than companies that only had 10 percent returning clients. While it’s

The right promotional items can market your brand effectively and improve interaction with new and old customers. Promotional products always deserve a spot in your next marketing plan, but how do you choose which products to include? When you choose a promotional product that your customers will use repeatedly, you are exposing your brand to a broader audience and promoting your business beyond the short-term. Here are a few things

A customer loyalty program is designed, essentially, to encourage customer loyalty, but without a well-planned and properly implemented system, getting the right response from your customers can be tricky. According to research, a successful customer loyalty program requires setting a clear goal for customers, creating clear guidelines towards that goal, and adding a bonus along the way. Here are some tips in designing a loyalty program worth looking forward to.

Due to the ability of a gift card promotions program to generate potential business and prevent customer defections, it is considered by many companies as a high ROI promotional strategy. Any investment strategy, whether in devising a new offering, selling the product, or promoting the brand to a new segment of the market, is considered a high ROI investment when the gains are bigger than investment costs. Defining Return on

  Gift cards have become so popular as a marketing and promotional tool that they no longer come in a single type. As a business owner, you can employ shopping gift cards either to appeal to your women buyers or to provide an incentive to your most loyal customers. Listed below are some of the biggest benefits in choosing shopping cards as an incentive or tie-in gift for a specific

A customer loyalty or rewards program is an effective way to encourage positive customer behavior and improve the lifetime value of a client. Whether you intend to use a promotional gift card or a rebate promotion offering, a well-planned incentive program can provide high ROI whether for the short-term or the long haul. But not all of these loyalty programs reap the desired objectives, whether in terms of stimulating customer

With the convenience, flexibility, and long-term value offered by a promotional gift card, a significant number of companies use gift card promotions as part of their comprehensive, customer loyalty program. But did you know that these gift cards come in many types? The following discussion enumerates two types of gift cards and various gift card suggestions you can use on your next promotional plan. Types of Gift Cards According to

A gift card or a gift voucher is a monetary equivalent offered by retailers in lieu of a non-monetary gift. Although gift cards are acquired by customers as a means to offer them as gifts to someone else, these cards are also used increasingly by businesses and retailers for their own customer loyalty programs. This is due to the fact that this promotional strategy helps to foster brand awareness, gain