What makes a customer choose your company? When you’re offering the same products or services at the very same price as your competitors, what’s the deciding factor? Is it your awesome website, timing, or just dumb luck? No, the answer is incentives, yes incentives! One thing we know, is that special incentives work! Specifically gift card incentives.  Everybody needs your services, but everybody WANTS a free gift card! Start boosting acquisition

More and more marketers are employing tried-and-true tactics to get people to watch their ads. One of these tactics involves providing customer incentives. Many ad buyers have decided that the direct approach goes down much better with consumers than the more traditional ads that try to distract people from content. Digital Campaigns and Customer Incentives – Is It Working? Advertisers continue to struggle with fundamental issues in their digital marketing

In today’s competitive landscape, brands continue to compete against one another in an attempt to offer the most competitive prices to their customers. However, customers now expect more tailored customer incentives and seem to be expressing superior value towards trendier non-cash rewards. While cash incentives may be more traditional and used by businesses to boost short-term sales, research has begun to show that they may actually negatively impact the perception

Who doesn’t love rebate checks, especially when they are given in the form of gift cards? They are just so much easier to use – there’s no need for consumers to traipse off to the bank. As for companies like retail energy providers, they are beginning to prefer giving consumers rebates as opposed to bill credits and not only are they using gift cards as incentives to source new customers,

Using Gourmet Foods in Incentives, Rewards & Gifts: We all know  the importance of creating customer loyalty and retention programs, and what we are seeing now are more and more businesses using incentives to do just that. Best of all, these particular rewards are irresistible! Delicious gourmet food items, such as organic gift baskets, gourmet pies, specialty chocolates, coffee lovers gift box, and a range of other tasty items. There really is

We very often come across businesses offering a choice of 3 to 5 different gift cards in a single promotion. After all, what better way to encourage customer loyalty and retention than allowing your customers to choose their gift. People have different tastes, and love having a choice, so let your customers decide, it’s quite appealing. Whether it’s a Visa gift card, to Gas, to Starbucks, Best Buy, or Target just

Labor Day usually marks the end of summer for most people, in the furniture industry, Labor Day promotions represent months of planning. You’ll often hear retailers remarking that Labor Day sales will set the tone for the fall since summer is always a little slower for furniture retailers. Most marketers in this industry realized long ago that the best time for aggressive promotions is around major holidays and that includes

Boutique fitness studios are popping up across the country at an astonishing rate, and the experience of these upmarket studios isn’t cheap. Despite the high cost of membership, people continue to sign up, and they continue to enjoy exclusive fitness incentives when they do. In contrast, traditional fitness centers are well-known for offering discounts, or the first month free, but these tactics just don’t stand out in a world that

Do you already make use of gift cards and customer appreciation programs for your brand? Maybe you’d really like to implement something like this but you don’t see how these types of programs could benefit your company. Let’s take a moment to look at AT&T’s latest incentive program, AT&T Thanks. In a time when a multitude of wireless carriers are doing what they can to stand out above their competitors,

For companies using a call center to acquire new business, there’s nothing as important as ensuring that the customer service your clients are getting is top-notch. While a call center can be an effective way to create a positive reputation for your company, far too many let customer service fall by the wayside – making it difficult for customers to get the help they need and leaving a bad impression