Gift Card Promotions

When you have someone who has expressed intent to make a buying decision within a given period of time, you already have a qualified lead.

These people, who have likely come across your advertisement or any of your marketing campaigns, could very well convert into actual customers with just a bit more persuasion. Nonetheless, how do you persuade these leads to actually convert? How do you compel someone to react positively to your advertisement so that they make the first step to buy from you and not from anyone else?

The need for compelling and creative advertising

To obtain leads, you need to be willing to spend for marketing and advertising. Most businesses are spending anywhere from $50 to $100 in their efforts to secure these qualified leads. Just a measly 1% improvement in advertising response rates can trigger an impressive increase in leads by as much as 100%. Thus, it is never enough to just advertise. To ensure that your target customers are going respond to your advertising efforts, you need advertising that delivers results.

When you couple advertising with a customer incentive, whether in the form of a promotional gift card or a simple rebate, you are offering something that your qualified leads may not be able to pass up. This persuasive call-to-action has the ability to convert your qualified leads to customers quickly and, possibly, for the long term. Once you have acquired new customers, the next challenge is to retain these customers through targeted marketing.

Following up on qualified leads

It is best to remember that qualified leads are people who need and can buy what you are selling to them. Basically, the need and the ability to purchase are already there. All you have to do is to make them choose you over any other company or service provider out there.

Your ability to follow up on these leads will have a direct influence on their decision to respond positively to your invitation or to do otherwise. Through consistent marketing efforts that involve customer incentives such as bulk gift cards, you are taking a definite step to converting leads into buyers and these buyers into loyal customers. Whether it’s for a successful sign up or a newsletter subscription, an incentive will show your potential clients that they are highly appreciated for taking time to register or to simply read your content.

With proper planning and customer research, designing a promotional campaign that fits your business and the needs of your clients should be easy. You can partner with a promotions company that offers wholesale gift cards as incentives or specific card promotions targeted for your male, female or young clients. No matter what these incentives are, the important thing is to drive attention to your business in the most favorable way possible. A qualified lead is just one step away from being a customer, but you have to be prepared to persuade them to perform a positive action.

Incentives like rebate promotion and gift card promotions can convert your leads into actual customers. For promotional products that speak to your customers, get in touch with us at Mpell Promotions, today.