Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest days of the year, and it’s right around the corner. As a growing business, Valentine’s Day is an excellent time for you to share your appreciation with your valued, loyal clients, and an incentive program is just the way to do it.

If you haven’t created a Valentine’s Day incentive just yet, we have a few easy ideas to help you develop a sweet deal that no consumer will be able to resist. Your consumer incentives don’t have to take all year to develop; in fact, they can be as simple as offering free shopping or a free product to your loyal customers. Throughout this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about developing a sweet Valentine’s Day incentive program in absolutely no time at all.

Sweeten the Deal with Free Shipping

Valentine’s Day is all about love, happiness, hearts, and candy, and what consumer doesn’t love the gift of free shipping in addition to all of that? According to Marketing Land, nine out of ten consumers agree that free shipping is their number one preferred consumer incentive. As stated by CPC Strategy, 44 percent of consumers would leave an online shopping cart due to high shipping totals, and 93 percent of online consumers are more likely to purchase more products if the company offers free shipping.

Offering promotional incentives in the form of free shipping on Valentine’s Day or the full week of Valentine’s Day is an excellent strategy for getting customers to shop online and place an order before the deal is up. If you’re looking to increase sales in a shorter timeframe, offering free shipping is a great way to achieve this goal, while also creating happy, loyal clients in the process.

Give the Gift of Free Product Reward

Similar to receiving free shipping, not many customers can deny the gift of free product rewards. Maybe you’ve recently created a new product, but consumers are hesitant to try it because it’s not what they usually purchase from you. When you give your loyal customers the gift of free product rewards, you’re providing them with a risk-free opportunity to try a new product. Chances are, they’ll be pleased with the results and will return to purchase the full-sized product. If not, there’s usually no hard feelings since the customer didn’t pay for the product.

For example, Sephora offers customers a sample bag weekly special, redeemable by entering a promotional code at check-out. The weekly special includes a sample bag with an assortment of beauty products for customers to try risk-free.

Offer Points for Valentine’s Day Purchases

Sephora is known for their promotional incentives, especially for their Beauty Insider members. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Sephora offers customers a chance to earn three times the Beauty Insider points just for purchasing fragrances online or in-store through Valentine’s Day.

Plus, Sephora offers free shipping for all orders over $50, and three free product samples with any purchase. And as all Sephora Beauty Insiders know, each purchase gets them additional points, which leads to free products down the road.

Personalize Online and In-Store Promotional Incentives

In the example above, Sephora is offering fragrance reward points for both online and in-store purchases. However, another clever Valentine’s Day tactic is to offer different rewards for online purchases and in-store purchases. When customers shop online, you’re already likely to give them an incentive (if you’re doing things correctly, that is!), whether it’s a free product, product discount, and/or free shipping.

However, there needs to be an additional in-store incentive that consumers won’t get from purchasing the product online. If the rewards are the exact same for each purchasing method, customers won’t feel as if the reward is personalized to fit their needs. And remember—online and offline shoppers do not have the same preferences, so it’s important that your promotional incentives reflect that.

Valentine’s Day Incentives Recap

So, to create an irresistible Valentine’s Day incentive program that your clients desire, it’s important to keep these four factors in mind:

  • Offer free shipping for all online orders
  • Offer free product rewards
  • Offer additional rewards points in celebration of Valentine’s Day
  • Personalized in-store and online incentives

When you’re ready to get started, Mpell Promotions can help you to master a perfectly irresistible Valentine’s Day incentive program that is sure to get your company’s products and services noticed. To learn more about creating sweet Valentine’s Day deals, contact us today!


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