Alternative Advertising with Promotions

Every business should invest in the right advertising efforts. Advertising your business and your brand not only helps to attract new customers and retain old ones, it is also valuable in capturing customer demand. However, advertising goes beyond just the traditional way of advertising through TV, radio, newspapers, the Yellow Pages, and the Internet. Every business owner should also learn about below-the-line advertising or advertising that offers incentive along with purchases. One alternative is to use a promotional gift card that forms part of a customer loyalty program. In this highly competitive market, after all, the biggest returns come from promotional efforts that venture beyond the predictable and expected.

Different types of advertising

There are two categories that help define advertising activities. These are above-the-line advertising and below-the-line advertising. ATL advertising refers to the more traditional way of advertising a product, which may be in the form of newspaper and magazine advertisements, Internet advertisements, television and radio commercials, and the like. Above-the-line advertising has always been known to build brand recognition and awareness and to target a bigger market.

The second category of advertising activities, which is below-the-line advertising, is less traditional in the sense that it is more focused on marketing to specific customers instead of an entire target market. According to marketing studies, BTL advertising is growing faster compared to the more traditional ATL advertising.

Some examples of below-the-line advertising are gifts-with-purchase, price promos, coupons, and loyalty incentives in the form of gift cards. One strategy is to provide a gift card that allows your customers to take advantage of a free product from their favorite brand. You can also customize cards that target specific segments of your market, such as offering shopping cards to female clients and gas promo cards to male customers.

Employing gift cards in advertising

A great way to diversify your advertising efforts and to veer away from the usual and traditional way of marketing is to use promotional gift cards that reward your customers for any activity or transaction they have with your business. These may include signing up for a newsletter, checking out a new product or taking advantage of a discount offer. Whatever this transaction is, a gift card is a creative and personalized way of getting your customers’ attention and convincing them to check out more of your offerings. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to use this marketing tactic, you can take advantage of bulk gift cards from a promotions company. These wholesale cards can be customized to fit your specific marketing message and to complement the preferences of your customers.

Advertising brings your business to the public. But when you use timely and value-added advertising through customer incentives and rewards such as gift card promotions, you get the benefits of recurrent advertising and word-of-mouth marketing in one!

From rebate promotion strategies to wholesale gift cards, a customer loyalty program can generate more business for you in the long run. Allow us at Mpell Promotions to help you plan the most optimal promotions program for your clients by getting in touch with us today.