print advertising

The advent and steady popularity of the Web and online marketing has somehow relegated print advertising to the background. It’s no secret that most companies have turned to the Internet in promoting their business and acquiring new customers. Nonetheless, print advertising still carries a host of advantages despite these Web-centric times. When paired with an online marketing scheme or used to accompany a free gift as part of promotions, print advertising (flyers, brochures, and cards) can help you connect with your clients better and bring more credibility to your business.

# 1 – The Advantage of Tangibility

One of the best benefits of print is its tangible nature. Unlike digital advertising, print advertisements are physically visible and may be taken anywhere, increasing offline visibility for your brand. This tangibility is also echoed by any physical free gift, through a promotional gift card, which you may want to reward to your most loyal customers.

# 2 – Exposure for a Lifetime

This form of advertising provides long-term exposure for your company and brand. Compared to television advertisements or radio air-time, which are normally limited to a few seconds, printed advertisements are not hindered by time or limited visibility. In terms of using bulk gift cards as part of your promotions, for example, these cards can spread word about your brand even after the promotional program has ended. Printed advertising and promotional items may also be designed to target specific segments of your customers. This strategy, therefore, is highly valuable when target marketing.

# 3 – Establish your Brand

As already mentioned above, print advertisements are tangible. Not all online companies are legitimate or even credible. When customers see your brand, logo, or promotions on print, it won’t take long to convince them that you are in the market for serious business, whether you operate an offline store or focus all of your operations on the Internet.

# 4- A Niche Less Crowded

The popularity of Internet advertising has dampened the preference for printed marketing materials. This means there are fewer printed ads going around and fewer competitors for the attention of your customers. When done right, your ads can do a great job in attracting local customers.

With many customers placing a high premium on tangibility, visibility, and branding, print advertising continues to be an effective advertising medium for many businesses. You don’t need to be limited to the magazine, newspaper, or the billboard for your advertisements. If you plan to use printed gift card promotions for your company, for instance, these cards can be designed to show your logo, thus advertising your brand to whomever gets hold of the card. You can also include a brochure or flyer along with a free gift during promotions. The opportunities when using print as an advertising medium are almost endless.

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