promotional product

The right promotional items can market your brand effectively and improve interaction with new and old customers. Promotional products always deserve a spot in your next marketing plan, but how do you choose which products to include? When you choose a promotional product that your customers will use repeatedly, you are exposing your brand to a broader audience and promoting your business beyond the short-term. Here are a few things to remember when planning to use any item to promote your company:

Get to Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers is a crucial first step in choosing which promotional items to include in your marketing plan. You need to know what items your customers prefer and which ones they can do without. If, for example, you are targeting young customers or those aged anywhere between 21 and 34, you may want to consider giving away shirts, mugs or safety items. A survey made by ASI or the Advertising Specialty Institute showed that customers aged 55 and up prefer receiving calendars and pens as promo items.

Choose Items that are Relevant to Your Company

If you must use a promotional item in marketing your company, make sure that the item itself is relevant to your business. Running a coffee business? Coffee mugs or coffee tumblers will make great promotional products. However, you also need to make your offers more interesting and attractive. You can also throw in a bit of a bonus such as a rebate promotion for your most loyal customers to make the program more enticing.

Always Go for a Useful Item

No matter what product you use for marketing purposes, always consider its utility factor. While attractive products command attention, the practical ones tend to be used repeatedly. As people use these items repeatedly, they are also bringing more attention to your company and your brand. Even if you will be using wholesale gift cards as a promotional tool, make sure that the cards convert to something that will actually be used by your customers.

Quality Counts

It’s easy to think about skimping on promotional product quality just to be able to save on your marketing costs, but cheap items come with a host of disadvantages. Not only will your customers fail to derive lasting value from these products; these cheap items will also reflect negatively on your company. When choosing promo items, it’s always better to go for quality than just quantity.

While there are many promotional items available for any specific kind of business, the important thing is to choose products which are relevant to your company and valuable for your customers. If you want to partner with other brands when promoting your own brand, gift card promotions serve as attractive and cost-effective promotional items for your business. A promotional gift card will allow your customers to reward themselves with something they really love.

Creative, enticing, and budget-friendly, bulk gift cards can be the best promotional items for your company. Contact us today at Mpell Promotions so we can help you choose the best promotional products for your next campaign.