Promotional Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are two types of promotional strategies that are considered useful in bringing your product to your market: push strategies and pull strategies. Offering promotional gift cards falls under the pull strategy of promotion since they ‘pull’ customers in by promoting the product or the brand. If you are planning to employ bulk gift cards as promotions, however, you might also want to see whether your business can also benefit from push tactics. Both push and pull promotional techniques are considered valuable and often form part of a highly comprehensive marketing plan.

What is a push strategy for promotions?

A push strategy is essentially ‘pushing’ the product directly in front of your customers. The objective of this strategy is to make your buyers aware of your product at a time when they are ready to make a purchase. According to marketing experts, this manner of promotion works effectively for impulse-buy products as well as for low-value items.

The ways by which you can accomplish push promotional strategies include participating in trade shows or displaying your products during exhibits. Direct selling, which involves presenting a product directly to your customers, is another push strategy. If you are negotiating with retailers to sell your products you are also employing a push strategy for promotion.

What is a pull strategy for promotions?

A pull strategy involves stimulating customer demand so that your customers will be compelled to look for your product. Rather than pushing your product directly to your customers, you are required to be more creative or to pull some emotional strings in order to encourage demand for an existing product or service. Some examples of pull tactics include advertising, customer relationship management, referrals through word of mouth, and finally, sales promotions.

A highly effective and affordable way to pull more customers into trying out your product or choosing your brand over the competition is for you to employ wholesale gift cards as promotions. These gift cards can be customized to suit the preferences of your customers and may be redeemable through the Web or via email. If you are like most business owners who don’t have the time to plan a customer-relationship management strategy as a pull strategy, you may partner with a promotions company. These companies can provide expert tips, guidance, and suggestions in making sure that your promotional tactics are well received by your customers.

Marketing experts and seasoned entrepreneurs understand that an effective promotional plan will integrate both push and pull promotional strategies. This will require a bit of experimentation, until such time that you discover what works best for your customers. You also need to take into account the level of customer demand and whether a push tactic or a pull strategy will help to perk up this demand. Since promotional incentives such as gift card promotions and rebate promotion are considered effective pull strategies, you need to work with an experienced and trusted promotions company in devising a promotional strategy that works.