Group of happy teen school child with book.  Isolated.

Remember your teen years? Feels so far away, doesn’t it? You’re filled with emotions you don’t know how to handle, pressure to get into a good college, fears about not fitting in with your peers, trying to get a date to the prom and worrying about pleasing your parents and teachers. Being a teen is tough. But even though they don’t know it at the time, being a teen is also an amazing time in one’s life. You have a newfound sense of freedom, you’re able to work, you are young and full of energy, you’re creative and bursting to get out into the real world, yet you don’t have real responsibilities yet. It’s a magical time in a person’s life.

Teenagers are also a powerful buying pool. One of the most lucrative markets to target with your business is young adults. Teenagers are considered the largest consumer demographic because they usually have large amounts of time and disposable income. If you own a business that could potentially be marketed to this demographic, you should be taking steps to make sure you are attractive to the teenage crowd. Gift card promotions, social media incentives and student discounts are all ways to attract a younger crowd to your business.

Tech-Savvy Teens

First, try to appeal to a younger market through promotions. Everything, and everyone, is online nowadays. Your business should be too. Having a social media presence is vital to connecting to young adults. If applicable, your business should also have an app, a YouTube channel and a blog, on top of being on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social network. Running a promotion via social media is a great way to attract young eyes. Perhaps you want to entice teens to come into your new frozen yogurt shop. Start by announcing specials on Twitter to gain Twitter followers. Have contests for teens who “check in” to your business and promote it on their social networking sites. Let customers upload Instagram photos of their favorite fruity desserts and award them for the most “likes” or “shares.” This is a great way to engage your audience and gain both customers and a web following.

Gift Card Promotions, Incentives and Discounts

A great incentive for teens is discounts in the form of gift cards or frequent-buyer cards. Gift card promotions can be used for followers on your social media sites. Business owners can also offer students discounts with valid school IDs, or offer special discounts during after-school hours when teens are most likely to be out patronizing businesses.

Targeting a teenage crowd is no different than targeting any other demographic. If you are offering a superior product or service, at a rate that is affordable, customers will flock to you. Offering extra incentives only persuades clients more. But the service or product must be of quality if any type of incentive is to be used.

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