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A promotional incentive is any type of bonus or added benefit that a client receives in exchange for doing business with a particular company. A promotional incentive could be anything from a product with the company’s logo emblazoned on it that is given to customers or a discount for using a certain service. Promotional incentives can come in the physical form, like pens or stickers, or in a less concrete form, like discounts, credits or bundled packages.

Most businesses owners will use some kind of a promotion at some point in the life of their company. They keep customers happy and they keep sales up.

Think Outside the Box

We’ve all seen companies advertised on bumper stickers, T shirts or pencils, and this is an effective marketing tool that keeps the company’s name in the public consciousness. However, think about offering your clients something useful that will also keep them remembering your company. A craft brewery might offer its customers custom mugs that are discounted when refilled. Or a local restaurant could offer its diners discounted meals if they check in on social media. This creates customer engagement and adds to the restaurants web presence. These are all forms of promotional incentives that are interesting and memorable to a customer.

Be Engaging

Customers love to feel like they are part of a business, particularly if the business is a fun or friendly type of establishment. While this may not be appropriate for some corporate environments, businesses that cater to families or large groups of people might be able to engage clients through contests or giveaways, either in person or online. Offer gift cards (to be used upon their next visit) as prizes and you’ll have a higher likelihood of repeat business.

Consistency is Key

One of the most important aspects of offering promotional incentives to clients is to remain consistent and transparent. Spell out all rules or disqualifiers up front and don’t be underhanded. If you make a promise of a 20% discount, live up to it. Don’t have too many restrictions, or else patrons will feel taken advantage of and will be less likely to come back. There’s nothing a customer likes more than a restriction-free promotion, because they are so rare nowadays. Stand out from the rest by making your promotions convenient and easy to redeem. Customers will appreciate it.

Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned pro, implementing creative promotional incentive ideas can be a great way to boost your business and keep your establishment on everyone’s lips. Sometimes all it takes is a little forward-thinking creativity and you’ve got a built-in client stream.

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