It is important to make sure you set appropriate marketing goals that engage and convert your target audience whether you are aiming for young college graduates or stay at parents. But how do you go about doing that in fresh and interesting ways? It’s quite simple: you need to invest in customer engagement. There are several ways to engage your customers, including offering incentives and promotional packages. Customer engagement doesn’t come easily to all companies but there are several reasons you need to make it work.

#1: Your brand will feel more authentic

What would you rather return to? A company that engages with you as a customer only after making a purchase with generic messages or one that takes the time to do things like retweet an announcement, wish you a happy birthday, or offer great deals like gift cards with a new purchase? Most customers would prefer the latter and by investing resources in boosting off-cycle engagement activity, your brand will feel much more genuine to the customer.

#2: You will increase conversions

It is surprising how many companies still don’t recognize the correlation between engagement and conversions. It has been proven time and time again that the more engaged a customer is with a brand, the more likely they are to convert. Whether that conversion is a sale, a survey, or simply liking a social media post, the more customers you engage, the more you will increase conversions.

#3: You will boost personalization

Customers like to feel special, whether it is face-to-face or using custom details in an email. By engaging with customers where they are and using appropriate details to target them, you will increase the feelings of personalization.

#4: You will add value to customer experiences

Engagement means additional content and information that can add tremendous value to a customer’s experience. As customers engage with the brand and also each other, this will add even more content and information that you as the company don’t have to lift a finger to create. By starting the chain reaction, you can multiply the original customer experience tenfold.

#5: Your customer will remember you better

Think back to a great customer experience you had. Was this an engaged and personal moment, like a promo code for an item you had been eyeing for a while, or a generic email that you can tell was mass sent to you and a hundred other people like you? Engagement helps you as a brand stand out in the customer’s memory and will help in interactions down the line.

#6: You will build trust

If you take the time to engage with customers and take what they say with heart, it will lead to a solid foundation of trust. Listen to feedback from your base and make sure to at least consider implementing popular and well-argued ideas.

#7: You will retain more customers

Loyalty from customers is just as, if not more, critical to a brand as acquiring new ones. Statistically, the more loyal a customer is, the more engaged they are. The more engaged they, as we already discussed, the more likely they are to convert.

#8: You will keep the communication door open

Again, it cannot be overstated how important open communication between customers and company is to building and cultivating relationships. A key way to keep this channel open is by offering different methods of communication between the company and your customers. Popular methods include social media posts, blogs, and online forums.

#9: You will have a fuller customer journey

The customer journey is simple: acquisition, conversion, retention, repeat. Except there is a key step many companies overlook: engage. By stewarding your customers through engagement tactics, you will offer a fuller and more complete customer journey.

#10: You will make your customer the hero

Do not focus just on your narrative. Focus on the customer and make them the hero of your story. Highlight loyal customers in newsletters, recruit them as online ambassadors for your brand, even use them in marketing. If your customer feels important and is engaged as our advocate, it will show.

Measuring Engagement

Once you make the choice to invest in engagement, it is also important to understand how to measure it. This requires that you do the following:

  • Identify what you would like to track. Is it sales, social media, in-person events? Pick the variables and stick with them.
  • Create a database to store this information that is accessible and easy for internal stakeholders to understand and use.
  • Create custom engagement scores for customers in order to do additional research at a later time.

Try it and see what happens! You will not be disappointed.

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