Whether your business is a relatively new player in an established market or a successful brand that has already earned a loyal following, effective advertising strategies are always indispensable. Not only can you advertise your new business, you can also promote a new product offering, a discounted service, or a customer incentive. Advertising does not simply allow you to communicate with leads, it is also an effective tool in marketing

When you have someone who has expressed intent to make a buying decision within a given period of time, you already have a qualified lead. These people, who have likely come across your advertisement or any of your marketing campaigns, could very well convert into actual customers with just a bit more persuasion. Nonetheless, how do you persuade these leads to actually convert? How do you compel someone to react

In many cutthroat markets where the same businesses or products are vying for the same customers, it’s important for the smart business owner to know when and how to exploit customer demand. Traditionally, businesses are more inclined to double up on the promotional efforts when customer demand is low and tend to forego promotions and incentives when sales appear brisker than usual. Marketing experts, however, view this as a missed

There are many reasons why businesses need to acquire new customers all the time. In terms of quantity, acquiring new clients is almost synonymous to growing the customer base of your organization. However, there are also as many, if not more, reasons why retaining customers is even more important. First off, there is virtually no need for you to spend marketing dollars in order to get the attention of your

As a business owner, it will be near impossible for you to grow your business and improve profitability without attracting and retaining the right customers. This makes customer retention a highly important aspect of your marketing strategy. But as a startup business or a medium-sized organization, how do you compete for the attention of your target market when there are better established companies around? In simple terms, how do you