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Am I supposed to receive a redemption certificate from you by email and have not received it yet – what should I do?

Please note the time period specified by the company that offered you your certificate. They typically specify that they have up to 30-45 days to get your certificate to you. We typically distribute certificates within 2-3 days of receiving the distribution request. So if you have not received your certificate, it is almost certainly because we have not received a distribution request from the company that offered you the certificate. If it has not exceeded the time period specified by the company that offered you the certificate, then please be patient. If it has exceeded this time period, then please contact customer support and we will help you determine why you have not received a certificate.

Why do I have to send in a money order or cashiers check for the shipping and handling fee?

This simply helps us quickly process your redemption. If we accepted personal checks then we would have to hold your shipment until your check clears. This would delay the shipment of your product. Accepting personal checks also greatly increases our costs manage the redemption process, we have to monitor check clearance as well as deal with bad checks.

How do you protect my personal information? Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Mpell Solutions only uses your personal information for purposes of this redemption. The only information stored in our IT systems is that information provided by you on the actual redemption certificate. Any picture ID that you provide as part of the redemption is only used to verify your identity and is destroyed by Mpell. Your personal information will not be provided to any other marketing enitities.

What is a cashiers check?

A cashiers check is similar to a money order but is typically available from your bank or credit union.

Who do I make the S&H check payable to?

Please make the check payable to Mpell!

What is an acceptable Proof of Purchase?

We will accept virtually any receipt/invoice or order confirmation, which you received from the company that offered you your free product. The receipt or order confirmation should have something on it that identifies your order, like an order number.

I don’t have any Proof of Purchase, what do I do?

You must contact the company you received the redemption certificate from and request a Proof of Purchase.

Is it past the date listed on the certificate that I had to send it in by, can I still send in the redemption?

Yes, if you pay the appropriate late fee in addition to fulfilling all other instructions listed on the certificate. Please contact customer support for the late fee applicable to your redemption.

Why do I have to do the things listed on the certificate – I just want to give you my shipping data over the phone or by email and then pay with a credit card?

The best way to minimize the costs of a program that gives products away is to simplify the redemption process as much as possible. We have a very simple and streamlined process and can’t easily deviate from it. You must fulfill the redemption as described in the certificate. If you don’t, the redemption will be declined and you will only be able to complete the redemption with an additional charge.

Can I request overnight shipping?

You can only redeem the products listed on the certificate.

The shipping and handling fee seems really high, why is that?

We ship to the entire US via UPS or Fedex with tracking. The shipping and handling charge is calculated as an average to cover shipping costs across the country. This charge covers the cost to package and ship your product. The shipping and handling fee is set by the company that offered you your redemption certificate, not by Mpell.

How long will the product take to get to me – the certificate says 6 weeks?

That is to make sure that we have time to get the product to you if we ever have a supply issue or a heavy volume of redemptions. Products will typically get to you in 1-2 weeks with a valid redemption.

I want to change my redemption product, can I?

You can only redeem for the product(s) listed on your redemption certificate.

What is the standard warranty?

The standard warranty is 90 days from date of redemption. This is a full replacement warranty if anything goes wrong. You are required to pay the shipping to return the product and we will pay the shipping to send the new product. Your product will be replaced with the same or a comparable quality product. You must first call us for a “return authorization” code. Then ship your product back to us with the code clearly written on the box. You will be supplied with the return shipping address when you receive your return authorization code.

Your product may come with a manufacturers warranty that extends beyond 90 days or even 1 year. If this is the case then the manufacturers warranty will be detailed in the retail package your product is shipped in.

Who is Mpell?

Mpell Solutions, Inc. is an incentive marketing company that provides programs to, and fulfills programs for, companies that want to offer a merchandise incentive to their customers. We provide the entire infrastructure to offer and fulfill merchandise incentive programs. We do not determine the specifics of a redemption offer. The company making the offer determines the products offered, the shipping and handling fees collected, and the specific terms of the offer.

The product I received doesn’t work, what do I do?

If it is within the warranty then return it. Contact customer support to receive a “return authorization” number and instructions on how to return the product for replacement.

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